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Never Titles

Piece One

I need you,


To hear me,

Steer me, onward,

I behest,

A guest,

Inside this ever,

Lasting turbo ride,

My heart is swelling,


Just tell me,

Why it's gone awry?

I needed,



Heart stopped on the door,

You saw before you knocked,

You know,

We really Should be keeping score,

For scores of centuries,

Lives have blended,

Into these,

Hellacious, mindful blunders, 


Where it all began,

Why God would make,

Such faulty plans,

And leave them up to us?

We carry out no strategy,

But execute our brothers,

Fee the children for their mothers,

Havent got the dime to feed.

So please,

Please hear me,

Tell me,

Snear me,

If you really feel you must,

But I have to know,

To find,

To grow,

To learn what happened,


The take away,

The numbered slaves,

Can see themselves once more,

The way you saw my heart,

Before you knocked upon the door.


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Never Titles
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