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Never Ending


We Stand Ready

Holy Killers of the faith

Descendants of times long ago

Rape the minds of a weakened soul.

Filling the mind with a poisoned wraith.

Templars and Visionaries armed with Light

Enter this war with true vision to indict

Swinging the axe is a Templar Knight

Striking a Holy Killer before it's first bite.

With a flash of Light and an ascending Vapor

The Holy Killer no longer a mind raper

Subtle his business be, no more caper

The Visionaries job now, be a mind scraper

Bringing back a hosts weakened mind

Body and soul soon re-aligned

Mental acuity of host now defined

All manners of host fully entwined

Holy Killers of the Faith descend into dark.

Casting bait for their new unsuspecting marke

Templars stand ready for the time to embark

While Visionaries stand ready as a true Patriarch.

A Holy War of long ago

Fought now Incognito

Holy Killers still try to Reign

Templars and Visionaries still too Remain

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Never Ending
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