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It’s a simple fix... It’s a call and a click of a button..


I'm tired of the ungrateful by nature

However, not being kind and generous is contrary to my own.

It’s a simple fix though

To an otherwise complicated decision, to be myself and then remind myself to remember myself...

It’s a service call from me, the customer, who is dissatisfied with her need to satisfy that is so gratifying...

It’s a simple click of a button a jump to the wiser me and I’ll make home pleasing.

It’s a simple yet frustrating contrary to my make up and it just breaks me up... fix... A simple push of several buttons and then I’ll pretend that it never wasn’t... It never was.


Love me or leave me alone 

People love to talk about what they do for a person but does anyone ever wonder what they did to a person…? 

Doing something for someone indicates a form of service... doing something to someone indicates a disservice... 

So if you are constantly doing something to a person and then call yourself going all out of your way to do something for them,  is that really an act of kindness or an apology…..? 

Does it really count towards a good deed or does it just cancel out all of the bad ones making your slate a clean even Steven…..? 

I believe that what you do with that clean slate tells the whole truth of you… I won't be accepting anymore apologies after the last..

No! Not for the same damn thing I won't.  

Thank You

I would jump right in without any hesitation!!... Thats just my way when in the presence of beautiful water :-)

You used to tell me that I didn't love you like you loved me... I remember…

I used to say to myself “I know” while wondering whose way was better...

I was angry at you for not setting a better standard...

I've grown a bit now and realized my level of acceptance played a part

Tough love gave me a good place to start

It hurt but you knew that I would survive

Talk is cheap, that's what you used to say but the experience you gave me was


I'm growing up now and you would be proud if that was ever your intent

No one's wasting my time and the words I often read through I am now actively

listening to

Slowly but surely

In my own perfect time

Slowly but surely

Is my evolution of a loving mind

My heart will not ever turn cold but its method of heat conduction has been modified, transformed...

Seeing the good in all people before the fullness of their intent

Has been resolved, reformed

Now a fading short coming of mines...

Thank you for NOT loving me the way that I loved you...

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