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Neglected Faith

Poems From The Open Play Book

Many people think I'm religious,

Just because of the modest way I dress,

But let me inform you I am far from it,

Instead of remembering God,

I've done many things to forget about Him

So many times have I got on my knees and prayed,

 For Allah to give me strength and happiness, 

But so many times I've never opened The Book.

Rejection is what happened between Islam and I,

Like betrayal and unfaithfulness,

I have worried myself with the material world,

And gave my soul to money, 

and television shows, 

and brand names, and fame, 

and to be noticed by males,

Yet I did not notice,

how obsessed and lost I have become without Him,

 the only One who is there for me,

when everyone leaves and abandons me,

like I did to The Quran,

Now I beg to be forgiven,

 and The Most Merciful will have mercy,

But deep down I know I don't deserve it

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Neglected Faith
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