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Near the River's Edge

A cry for help, and a deeper meaning. Would you do whatever it takes, to escape the harsh reality?

Stripped of all human traits,

And deprived from God's presence,

They howl like savaged Wolves,

Well, their souls atleast,

They're tears are reluctant to escape

Incase they're seen as weak,

But they are.

One shallow breath at a time,

Not a thought crosses their fragile mind

Incomplete. Imperfect. Insufficient.

All aspects of a lifeless - life

Ripples spreading throughout the River's face

As the sun beams down scorching the place

A heroic act for a tragic visage

No one wonders for them.

No worry in their hearts.

This is their final journey

Discovering a new road with a new alternative

Embarking on a final mission in the blur of a star

They walk. Slowly. As God opens his hands

They leap and sink with no hesitation

As their eyes struggle to connect to their surroundings

Their hearts frantically search for amendment

But it was too late.

Twa's near the dregs of humanity

Twa's near the River's edge.

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Near the River's Edge
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