Native American Old Times


Sacajawea with Lewis and Clark

Photo credit by Blaise Poitra 

We sit here

Watching you as you just graze there

I watch you tell I'm ready to strike you

I take my chance, you run, I follow with my spear.

My tribe members and I

Throw spears at you.

Some of us hit you

Some of us miss.

We cripple you, you fall

The tribe goes in

To fully kill you.

It looks like tonight we get buffalo

We drag you back to our tent

The tribes women cut you up

Preserving your fur for blankets, clothing, moccasins

They cut up the meat,

Making sure everyone in the tribe gets some food.

Everyone here has their own part to do.

So to survive we have to keep at this

Janetta Poitra
Janetta Poitra

I'm a mother of 2 girls. Azalea born 12/12/2012 and Scarlett born 5/11/2017. I am also the loving fiance to my wonderful boyfriend of almost 6 years! 

I am looking to share my poetry with the world. My family said to start somewhere :)

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