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My World in You

Adventures of Love

From the air I breathe to the warm touch and caress of your hands.

A touch as though I’ve just been kissed by the sun.

The peace I find when I get lost in you.

Never have I been so struck by such a common greeting such as “hello”

And never have I been so torn apart by a Phrase of departure such as “farewell”

I could gaze into your marine blues forevermore.

What I would give to wade in your colors.

The adventures and wonders you hold deep in your love,

I would give anything to explore and discover its treasures.

The butterflies in my stomach are called by your kiss

For it is the sweet nectar that pours from your lips that leave them craving more.

You are all around me, in my eyes.

You are what starts my days and brings them to nights.

I cannot be without you.

Not a day would go by that I didn’t feel lost by the blackened sky.

All my days until I met you.

My world is you.

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Laticia Vargas-Mendoza
Laticia Vargas-Mendoza

Aspiring writer. I have been writing poetry since I was 6. Now I have the courage to share with you. I want to write as a career and help support us. your support is greatly appreciated too and will allow me to keep following my passion.

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My World in You
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