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My Wind Cometh

A Poem

I'm watching the skies, knowing that a wind is making it's way to pick up my sails and progress my journey. See it's only a matter of time, so time doesn't really matter, as I wait and watch the skies for signs of this wind of mine, who is at this very moment pushing at great speeds, and moving with great force to arrive at the very point where he knows that I wait and watch the skies for his approach. Where he and I will begin our terrific voyage.

The stars have been waiting far too long for this momentous occasion, so neither he nor I can fail to be where we must when it is we must. We know far too well that we shall both be there, and so I wait and watch the skies, as he pushes with great speed, and moves with great force, my wind, to carry me.

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My Wind Cometh
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