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My War Is Over


Photo by Andrei Lazarev. Poem by Tiffany Harry.

Thrashing, crashing, smashing

The sound of my head bashing

Against the wall by Mr. Know It All

You walk away laughing while my

Whole worlds crashing.

Pumping, thumping, my heart races

Leaving bloody traces

On my face and head.

Ears are ringing

Head is stinging

Hear his footsteps coming back

Shaking before his next attack

To frightened to move

Feeling yesterday’s bruise

I can feel him coming closer

Wishing he would disappear

Wanting to feel the cold, crisp air.

Trapped in this house

Walls echoing his foul mouth

I jump up feeling dizzy

Have to get my hands busy

I turn around

Shrieking Out a Warrior sound

Feeling my heart pound

I run at him

Poking at his eyes

Pulling his hair

Fueling my rage

Fleeing this dirty cage

I am done

I am not the one

To mess with anymore

Fingers are sore

Heart is tore

Tingling to my core

You hit the floor

This is the end of this


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Tiffany Harry
Tiffany Harry

I’m trying to write a children’s book, Into reading , music, drawing n writing poems. I love my family, my uncles n aunts, cousins,my grandchildren. Love my lil Em. I have two beautiful daughters and two great sons. Love my hubby n Dad Ron.

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My War Is Over
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