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My Unspoken Words

A Poem

(Image not mine)

If I begin to fall,

Will you catch me?

If my tears refuse to conclude,

Will you be the one,

To make me smile once more?

But if the blood keeps appearing,

Despite all the bandages,

Will you help me,

To force the pain away?

Will you save me?

Because it feels like I'm growing weaker.

I want to feel alive,

But all this world is making me see,

Are all the negativities that greet my mind.

It feels like I'm drowning,

In the sorrows of my imagination,

Through the lies that I swallow,

To the pain I start to doubt.

I want to feel like I'm living,

Not simply breathing to survive.

I want to feel like I belong in this world,

Without being anxious of other opinions.

But people will judge,

What they deem as strange.

They'll bully, harass and scar,

All those who they don't understand.

They don't realise the impact,

Of the words they carve into their skin,

Until the tears bleed out.

I want to feel safe,

In a world filled with hatred,

But no one is willing to listen,

To someone they cannot relate to.

My words are simply wasted,

Venting about my demons,

And hoping for someone listen.

But the thing is,

People will never respond,

If it doesn't affect them personally.

This world is a selfish place,

Filled with anger and betrayal,

It doesn't matter if you choose to ignore it,

The blood will always show.

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My Unspoken Words
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