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My Twin

A Poem on Loss and Anger

Orchid Photo Taken by Me 

Born together - nine minutes apart.

So close in womb

They heard but one heart.

We roamed the woods

as warriors by day.

We checked for monsters

Together at night.

But we were harmed,

Tortured and maimed.

Our paths in step

from birth 'til then.

But nothing was ever

The same again.

We were different

The damage done.

My twin and I no longer as one.

We lie empty on stained

towels and sheets.

The monster took her away from me.

My twin is no longer by my side.

She lives in a prison

That's taking her life.

I hate the monster - for all he did.

But for taking her - I will never forgive.

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Ava McCoy
Ava McCoy

Mother, artist, survivor, chronic Illness and mental  health struggles... 

I love to write. Some of my stories are personal ones. Sharing my history and challenges,  advocating for other survivors. 

 I love horror films and gaming

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My Twin
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