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My Truth to You

A Love Poem

I can see what you're trying to hide.

Behind that mask of a smile, you're broken and hurting inside.

When you look at me, I see it in your eyes.

When you speak to me, I hear it in your lies.

I know that you've noticed there's something trapped in me.

My heart a caged bird struggling to fly free.

He locked her in behind steel bars,

forbade the love that could've been ours.

The lost key, somewhere hidden

inside the stolen flower that was meant to be given.

A tornado of anger demolished it all.

A wave of fear built all the walls.

Stuck in between hate and love.

The wrong key attempts to free the dove.

I want to be close, but I push you away,

afraid if I do you'll just walk away.

I can't love you; there's no room in my heart.

And so you'd understand I tore us apart.

I can't hold your hand, can't go to our place,

I can't think about you, just forget your face.

He stole my smile, my beauty, my pride.

I'm sorry for pretending, I'm sorry I lied.

You don't know who I am, I don't let you see.

Which is why I know you're not in love with me.

The real me is a monster you don't even know.

You're in love with the fake me I put up for show.

I don't know why leaving you makes me want to cry.

Maybe saying I don't love you is also a 


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My Truth to You
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