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My True Love

Why not follow your dreams and be happy? #VocalNPM

That thing you do when no one is looking

That thing that comforts you

That thing that gives you pure joy

That thing you run to when you don’t know what else to do

That thing that gives you life instead of death

That thing you can’t forget about

That thing that makes you so happy

That thing that makes you smile

That thing that has never failed you

That thing that wants you as much as you want it

That thing that makes you light up

That thing that you can’t stop thinking about

That thing that you can’t stop talking about

That thing that makes you feel like a winner

That thing that you believe in when no one else does

That thing that gives you chills when you do it

That thing you’re absolutely infatuated with

That thing you cannot live without

I could go on and on about that thing

But I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about by now

You’re thinking about it at this very moment

Do it

Please do it

And do it endlessly

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Khepera J
Khepera J

Poet. Writer. Singer. Artist. Creator. Goof. Bbq wing and birthday cake lover. Mississippi Born & Raised. Love Ya 3000 ❤️️

Instagram: kheperaj / twitter: kheperaj 

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My True Love
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