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My Solitude World

Sometimes being alone doesn't sound so bad...

I use to sit and wonder what my life will bring 

Will it bring joys? 

Will it bring love?

Will I one day be happy? 

Or will it bring sorrow, pain and suffering?

Will I be alone on my journey? 

Or will I be surrounded by many?

These questions have circled my mind as I sat alone in the dark 

I began contemplating on the decisions I have made 

Wondering if I made the right or wrong choices 

I guess it does not matter now

Those moments have gone

The past can not be undone

The present is haunting

My future is uncertain 

I have no clue as to what will come

No clue as to how I will handle things, if I can at all 

That once made me anxious 

My anxiety kicked in and I could not rest

So, it was many sleepless nights 

I was left alone with my thoughts

Though my thoughts were not pleasant, they brought me comfort 

For my inner voice is the only one I have heard in a long while 

No one talks to me

At times it seems they don't even know I exist 

I have learned to make peace with my solitude world

I have become my best and only friend 

It may seem sad but, I would rather it be this way 

People cause too much pain 

They lie, manipulate and deceive 

I would rather not be a victim of such acts 

At least I know that I will never hurt myself 

I know I can trust me

So alone I will remain 

Shutting the world out 

I will remain in my solitude 

At peace with my choice 

It seems to be the only way 

The only way I can be certain I will not be hurt 

That I will not fall into the corruption of society and its lies 

I am honest with me

I am loyal to myself 

I am all I will ever need 

I have convinced myself of that much 

So let the world unravel around me, outside of these walls 

I shall pay no mind

That is not the world for me 

My world is right here, in this dark empty place 

I shall remain here in my world

Until my dying day 

Do not fret, I am truly just fine 

No need for your worries

No need for your concerns

Live as you please 

Ignore me as you have been 

I am content in my world 

I am living my dream of peace 

Do not think otherwise

Do not compare my life to yours 

This is what is right for me

Being completely alone 

Alone I shall be 

Alone I have always been 

Being alone really isn't that bad 

It is the best I have been 

The best I will ever be 

I have eased into my solitude

I have accepted it and all its glory 

I have found my peace 

The darkness no longer scares me

It is of great comfort now

Not being able to see

Feeling numb as I get lost in nothingness 

It is quiet here

Just as I like it 

I have never once missed the noise of the outside world 

No one but me is welcome here 

They have all been locked out 

That door shall stay locked up tight 

I do not need the extra weight 

I am enough on my own 

It is what's best for me

So here I shall stay 

Peacefully alone 

In my own solitude 

While the world continues to turn 

My world will be still

Never changing for there is no need 

This world I have created is bliss 

It is my harmony 

I could never hate this 

My solitude world 

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My Solitude World
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