My Sister

My sister I see you everyday, everyday you pass me by. I wonder how you are feeling and if your world mirrors mine?

My sister I see you everyday, everyday you pass me by. I wonder how you are feeling and if your world mirrors mine?

I don't know whether to expect a greeting or if I greeted you would it be acknowledged? I want to say you look great, nice shoes or fabulous style, yet I hold it back as I'm scared you might react. The reaction I don't want but have come to expect! A brush off or dirty look you know, a disrespect.

Stood feeling at a loss as to why our reaction isn't love but borderline hate? When did giving a simple greeting bring up such a debate?

My sister everyday we sit in the same vicinity, you're reading a book just like me yet for all the words you see you don't see me. A reflection of you with the same interest. Our catalyst for conversation. Don't treat speaking to me with apprehension, there should be no deliberation! A nod of the head or a smile is what I should expect but a blank expression is what I get!

My sister once upon a time we would stop and embrace. No fear, no resistance just a respectable act done with grace. A gesture that was once second nature to people like you and I, yet today we suss out the competition with a sideways glance or a half hearted smile because on this spot a reflection I am not! A friend? A foe? Oh let's not forget that we tear each other with the brush of she looks like a hoe!

My sister with your beautiful eyes, deeply toned skin and hair of a Nubian queen. Features reminiscent of Nefertiti yet we aspire to look like 'barbie' Nicki, what a pity. An apparent anxiety about our features, a modern day slavery of the mental kind. Like our minds are battling between struggle and self expression. A yearning to fit in whilst standing out. The wrong ideology. Are we under too much scrutiny? Who's to blame for the complex conflicts about our complexions. Ebony. Mahogany. Coffee. At what point did our direction change? At any age can we become a slave to defending our melanin?

My sister who feels no danger in being a successor but has the innate ability to be a leader. Original, fundamental and unique. Often uplifting people allowing them to hit their peak. A partner. Our children. The integral part in our community, like the cogs in a watch that go round and round. Ticking over. We are the link for our men to this society. Poised, passionate. Prevalent.

My teacher. Keeper. Dreamer. Seeker. Nurturer. Striver. Fighter. Believer.

My Sister.  

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