David Ziherambere
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My Pain

Live and Learn

My pain builds me, I know my pain, I recognize my pain

My pain focuses me, my pain clarifies for me, my pain reminds me, I endure my pain

My pain humbles me, my pain humanizes me, my pain softens me, I master my pain

My pain ensnares me, my pain intrudes on me, my pain invades me, I overwhelm my pain

My pain condemns me, my pain shames me, my pain guilts me, I reveal my pain

My pain bites me, my pain cuts me, my pain pierces me, I bind my pain

My pain scares me, my pain haunts me, my pain taunts me, I convict my pain

My pain mounts me, my pain drowns me, my pain smothers me, I obliterate my pain

My pain vociferates me, my pain deafens me, my pain scolds me, I vanquish my pain

My pain mocks me, my pain scorns me, my pain derides me, I extinguish my pain

My pain knew me, my pain possessed me, my pain shadowed me, I understood my pain

My pain fears me, my pain dreads me, my pain loathes me, I learned my pain!

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My Pain
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