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My Mysterious Morning

This is only a dream not a real scene.


The sound rose from the clock,

I quickly got up. Stop it! I cried.

Through the window I saw, fog.

Still there for me, to say Good Morning.

Shine as bright as that of a burning copper.

Spread red beams to the sky.

His face was sweet, but the power, still I feel.

"Good morning," he said.

I run to the clouds, slipped on to the ground.

Earth says to me, "I with my greenery, wish you a very good morning".

Wind blows me up with a great jerk. I was afraid.

I fell down to the floor.

I opened my eyes, with a deep breath.

I said, "Oh! God I am here, not so far".

This is only a dream not a real scene.

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My Mysterious Morning
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