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My Mama

A Poem

My mama always said she brought me home during a hurricane and even though those nine months were a pain that I was still the greatest thing. My mama has a heart so big you can see it state wide, sometimes a curse but always a blessing in disguise yeah she is a WonderWoman that ain't no lie.

When everyone called me ugly, my mama told me that I was beautiful and no one's words could own me, when everyone called me dumb my mama would always say she's a smarty that one. My mama always told me it's ok to feel when the world wanted me numb, and when the rest of the world said I was nothing my mama already knew I was something.

to say our life has been easy is far from the truth, we are so used to the you can't make this stuff up I mean it's just what we do, you see our family fell apart, she lost her husband, i lost my father, our family lost their honor but she got up and made stronger and found a man who loved her and claims me as his daughter. She created love of the dust and made a home for us. Because that is what strong women do they rebuild from everything they been through.

They don't let the past hold them, they wear their pain like it's a crown so it doesn't own them. My mama is everything I try to be, she built a strong women inside me so when I have a daughter she can see a long line of strong women who will always be.

P.S. I love you mama


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My Mama
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