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My Little Rose

A Mother's Heart

Done by "Rk" on Facebook

This beautiful little rose began as a empty little seed; ready to be nurtured, ready to feed. Her name is Rose, my little rosebud. I knew when she was born, she would grow in Grace, Beauty, and Love. Rose I named her, for the vision of her in my mind. I knew in my heart she will grow to shine.  Her beauty will sink ships by the thousands, her Grace will stretch over all the lands; she will grow to be the Glory of Man. 

As she grows, with water and sunshine; her spirit is reborn and redefined. She is young now, my little Rose; I hope good things for her only,  wherever she goes. Like a rose, some of her petals may wilt and fall away; yet a more so stronger petal will grow in their place. My little Rose, I hope her journey begins with a good start; this is a Good hope in a Mother's Heart. No matter how big she grows; she will always be my Little Rose. 

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Mindy Sleeper
Mindy Sleeper

I have been an creative writer since I was a teenager; majority short stories(fiction and non fiction), poetry, journal writing. I also like writing educational essays and case management assessments in Criminal Justice.

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My Little Rose
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