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My Little Butterfly

Don't be this butterfly.

Oh my little butterfly,

We cut your wings, we crushed your sky

Your colours are now gone

We transformed your heart to stone.

You're crying on the ground

Oh my little butterfly

We are so proud

No, hold back your tears

We can't hear you

Over the wasted dreams.

You were too weak, we were too strong

Thinking you can beat us

You were so wrong.

Is it too tough?

You've had enough?

So go die, end it now

We'll bring you the black crow.

We don't care because, after you die

Oh my little butterfly,

There are thousands like you, who want to fly.

This is the story of millions. Don't let it be your story. Don't get crushed like the butterfly. Crush them instead.

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April Lucas
April Lucas

I'm just a girl with big dreams and hopes. By the way, I am good at psychology and at giving advices. Watching movies, reading and listening to music in my free time.

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My Little Butterfly
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