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My Lifelong Friend, Art

The Teacher from Within

Taken at ‘Art Battle’ in Nanaimo, BC

"I have found a friend that never ages called Art,

no defined sex or clothes, only dressing of the soul is Art.

Whether the heart is being grated to shreds,

or there is a feeling of pure bliss to share, there is Art.

A philosopher of the psyche,

the colours or shades are an emotion for Art.

This friend does not belittle my ambitions,

Encouraging vulnerability as a courageous act with Art.

Out comes the inner child,

We dance and play with expression thanks to Art.

When I am frightened or sick of others,

our beautiful reciprocal arrangement binds me only with Art.

I saw on canvas that destruction is the first part of construction,

helping ourselves grow again through Art.

My friend taught me you do not have to be perfect,

in fact it is a gift to be different than to conform, alongside Art.

Magic through a paintbrush, metal, pen, ink,

friends until the very end, me and Art."

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My Lifelong Friend, Art
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