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My Life Is a River


My life is a river

flowing never stopping

the beautiful crystal-clear waters

representing me and the life inside me.

I may look calm and steady

but that's not fully true

don't let my waters fool you

for not everything you see is true.

I know this might come as shocking

how truly unsteady I've become.

The dark depths of my waters have become so dangerous

please don't attempt to swim far to down for this may hinder us.

You may see only the surface of my waters

and hear its laughter as it flows

but listen closely and you may also hear its horrors.

My life is a river with overflowing banks

the sounds of its crashing waters

turn into sounds of a trapped lion trying to escape

My once clear waters become tainted

with the trash and waste that have been thrown my way

the life of my river is slowly dying

my water drying up

I've become far too corrupt

will it be far too late for me

to be finally free

to finally reach out

and join the ocean waves. 

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My Life Is a River
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