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My Heart Is Yours


The house was dead silent.

No dog, to wake me up.

No dog, to lick my face.

It was a December like Saturday,

In April.

I looked into the mirror and saw

Tears that were stained to my cheeks and my heart,

broken, in two.

I speak no words to my parents,

But a hint of light flickered behind my eyes,

And my heart lightens up on my chest,

They tell me there is a surprise.

The building looked like a prison castle.

I went through isles of caged animals,

With sorrow written on their faces.

Then, I stopped, and pointed to a cell in the middle.

It had a black dog with a white cross,

On her chest, fighting,

For a spot in the front.

The guard opened the door,

And for a split second, I thought I saw,

An Aurora around her body in the dull room.

She followed me every where I went.

I beg my mom until I heard a faint yes.

My heart was sewn back to one,

And promised to one.



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My Heart Is Yours
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