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My Greatest of Life's Gift Was to Give You Life

My Life's Poetry

The best moment of my life was to see you finally arrive. Right away. I went out and bought the biggest pink bear I could find. Your mom was in great pain as she gave that last push and brought you into sight. I saw you crowning as you entered the world and into our lives. God told me that you would be a girl from the start, that is when fear crept into my heart for bringing a little girl into this world so cruel and dark.

Remember your first day of middle school? The sparkly little doggie shirt and those flower heart pattern pants? All the kids were wearing grown up kids clothes. I felt like such a fool, for thinking you was still my baby, and to not notice that you were already grown up too. That morning my heart broke and I cried as a child as I drove away from your school. My baby was all grown up and there was nothing I could do. My very first and only child, you carry the greatest of life's gifts locked within your smile. Youth is a precious gift that is here if only for a while, so treasure it while you have it my love and enjoy all those laughs and all those beautiful smiles.

How I wish I could return to those days of long ago. Holding your new tender life in my hands, such a sweet gentle soul. Oh and that non stop crying day and night with no sleep or relief in sight. It was all so worth it just to behold such a beautiful sight, my little china doll, the sweetest of life's delights. You instantly melted my heart away with that first little smile, one of life's mysteries is how all this love and joy can be packed up into such a tiny little fragile child.

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My Greatest of Life's Gift Was to Give You Life
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