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My Galaxies

Can he put them out the way you do?

You say you see galaxies in my eyes

Little do you know that the comets are killing me.

Burning me up from the inside out.

But when you look at me,

You don’t see the chaos that everyone else runs from.

You see beauty, that even I refuse to believe exists,

You make the burning stop.

The chaos and fear stumbles over itself and comes to a halt.

Because I see someone who has comets as well.

But someone who’s taken control of their galaxy.

And it makes me feel like I too can have control,

But then it quickly ends.

The man who puts end to my chaos,

Isn’t who the universe put in place to end my chaos.

Or is he?

I’ll never know.

Because I’m not doing it again.

Everyone comes and promises to end my chaos.

Words of honey flow from the mouths of snakes.

I trust snakes when I’ve never been given a reason to.

I believe in my love so much.

I believe that I can love a snake to their point of no longer hurting others.

But I’m never right.

I end up getting bit.

Every snake that comes along promises to end my chaos.

But it never happens,

And I end up worse than I started.

I refuse to do it again.

I don’t trust anyone enough to give them my galaxies.

The only one who has yet to fail me,

He can’t kill my burning comets.

He just helps temporarily numb the pain.

And I’m holding to the hope that one day,

He’ll learn how to kill my comets.

Until then, these galaxies will continue to burn me.

From the inside out.

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Just some kid who loves people, Jesus, and pizza. 

Sometimes I write my feelings.

Trying to navigate through Marriage and Motherhood and leave something beautiful.❤️

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