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My Friend?


If I told you, you were pretty,

would you blush in the cutest way?

If I told you, you were ugly,

would you look away and hide?

If I looked at you and spat on your shoe,

tell me what would you do.

If I told you someone died,

would you mourn with me?

If I told you we were going on a trip,

would you get just as excited and come?

If I told you “just don’t, just don’t go too,”

tell me, what would you do.

If I told you it’s broken,

would you help me fix it?

If I told you it’s sealed shut and will not budge,

would you come, try to open it?

If my stomach growled and it’s now your cue,

tell me, what would you do.

Would you punch me in the face cause I spat on your shoe to clean off the sticky muck that I made?

Would you go too even though they plan on leaving for good and never coming back for the ones they love?

And would you watch, while I trust you cause I thought you trusted me, as I eat the food that was poisoned?

Let me know, cause I have no clue.

Tell me, what would you do.

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My Friend?
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