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My Fair Lady

It's all you.

There she stands, tall, elegant and sparkling

Her smile, her aura, and her posture gets me thinking

Of how lucky I am to have been picked by destiny

To fall in love with someone like you unknowingly

Thinking of you, day and night

Makes me work with all my might

To make sure you never lack anything

Because you are truly my everything

I searched, searched, but never found

Until you came suddenly and my luck turned around

Your intelligence never stops surprising me

Carved specially by the Supreme Deity

The Sun may be causing upsurge in the temperature of the environment

But all it does to you is radiate your beauty, free of worldly ornaments

At night when every thing seems dark

The moon with its silvery reflection gives your beauty a glimmery spark.

You, My Fair lady, are an epitome of true beauty

You show the grace and wisdom every other woman must possess

I count myself lucky to be your knight in shining armour

Because you, My Lady, are worth dying for

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My Fair Lady
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