Katie lynn
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My Empty Womb

Babies Lost

Tears escape when no one is looking

My heart breaks when no one else cares

1 baby, 2 babies, 3 babies now gone

But I remember

I remember my soul full of love

The sound of those beating hearts

I remember, because they were a part of me

But, as blood soaks through, and my tears fall

My heart breaks again and again

My womb is Empty now

I call out to god, to just please hear me

You say it's a medical condition, a fetus, a piece of tissue

To me, they were my babies, my life, everything I wanted

You say, be grateful for your living children, But please tell me

Could you live without yours?

Lost babies fill my thoughts, my dreams

My heart still swells of love

Sometimes, I dream of who they may have been, what they would have looked like. 

My bright blue eyes? 

Maybe their daddy's dark bronze skin.

I will never know now, but one thing is for sure

My womb is empty

But my heart is not.

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My Empty Womb
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