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My Dream

It's All About Candy!!

A world I saw that stretched far and wide, 

There people had no rules to abide.

Fun and Frolic,

Love and Laughter,

A world that is worth to flatter.

Candy Canes for trees,

Watering Fragrances for Breeze,

Chocolate milk for Rivers.

Ice Cream for the Shivers,

Cotton Candy for the Clouds,

A Gummy Bear which Bounds.

Mountains of Cake with Frosting,

Delicacies worth Boasting.

Summer,Winter,Autumn and Spring,

Tasty Food in your ears will Ring.

Suddenly, I hear someone call my name,

In this land do I have Fame?

Told me to Wake Up and Stop my Dream,

"Oh Mom! You're so Mean, you stopped My Dream!"  

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My Dream
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