My Dear

When The Heart Wants What It Wants

Strolling along the Sea Wall, English Bay. 

If you only knew, how much I truly miss you my dear.

What I would give to dismiss the distance and have you near.

Close enough to embrace you,

kiss you,

touch you,

feel you,

and whisper sweet things in your ear...

Would all this in fact make me seem a bit queer?

For the thought of even losing you amidst this distance, 

happens to be my greatest fear!

So here I'd still be willing to wait with open arms, 

Ready for your arrival and be bestowed with your handsome charm.

For a man of your integrity is rare to find these days...

One who'd do me no such harm.

Therefore, I pray if it is truly meant to be,

may you listen, and see my soul deep inside

- undress me bare.

I'd risk it all, without a care.

For my feelings are true, and I've nothing to hide.

Reminisce of me, and cherish me.

For all I do,

is do this too.

Because I honestly do truly miss you -

my dear.

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My Dear
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