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My Dead Lover

Hello my loves! This is my second poem! I hope you enjoy darlings. 😘

If there was ever a confusion between evil & good

Ugly and beautiful

Scoundrel and a gentleman

Vagabond and a king

Demon and angel 

You'd be the perfect example

Your Hollow eyes are like the gatekeeper of my soul

Your hands make my body feel both invaded & electrified at the same time

You give my the illusion that I am a queen because you kiss my hand like one would

You give me the reality that I am your mere slave because the fear is far worse than any slave would fear of his master

By the time your done with me, I feel the need to want more

Of your darkness

Your pain

But I also want nothing to do with it

Could this really be how the Devil manipulates his victims? 

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My Dead Lover
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