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My Crystal

For C.K

She knew me all too well 

The real me

Not what others could see

My crystal 

Was my favourite 

A comforter 

And friend

Dear sweet crystal 

She listened to me 

All through the night

No matter how tough 

The rants I said 

Without meaning most 

The vents I’d screamed 

When my anger boiled

The jokes I told 

No matter how bad

She always laughed 

She believes in me 

Even now 

She supports me 

In the things I want to do

She knows 

My dreams 

No matter how silly they may sound 

She still thinks I’ll make it 

My dear crystal 

I owe her this 

Where I am now 

No matter what happened 

She was always there

My crystal 

The smile I needed

The guidance I wanted

Whenever I reached 

She would be there

To encourage and love 

I am here because 

Of my crystal 

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My Crystal
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