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My Brain Don't Think

Random Thoughts While Drinking Hennessy

My brain don't think it just gives good head,  that's what I said I got good head, on my shoulders I tried to told ya. 

Sick with it yall like the boy E-4-0. I don't know this ain't no free flow.  This sum I wrote u don't believe that tho' I hate fools that act like hoes. Slip and Slide like ya boy Trick Doe, or T.O. on a stop and go. I stay 'noid when I smoke on dro'. Drink that Henn not VSO. P is for paper that I like to blow. And I keep my doe in a tuck and roll and I don't trust people that I don't know and I don't trust people that I do know, cause I don't know if they're friend or foe.

Ain't wrapped tight so I just might blow. Any given Sunday to church I go. Ain't been awhile sit in the back row, next to the doe' slide out real slow. I say things that's hardly spoke, random thoughts that I have on this road when Im riding solo or wit' my folks we chop it up, like dope boys chop coke.

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Henny NoChasa
Henny NoChasa

My rhymes are like poetry against dope beats. I want to be a musician but LIFE won't allow me to be one. I drink Hennessy frequently and thats when I write my best work. Music is my life!

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My Brain Don't Think
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