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My Best Friend

A Poem About a Dog's Loyalty to His Master

There is no friend like my dog,

He'll stick with me throughout fog.

He snuggles with me in my bed at night

Without me, he's quite a sight!

All the day while I'm at work, he waits by the door

To give me doggy grins galore!

He's always by my side,

He warms me with his fluffy hide.

We go for walks in the great outdoors

We sit together on the beach shores.

When it's cold he keeps me warm,

He'll stay strong through any storm.

He knows if someone is threatening before I do.

He'll protect me, I know it's true!

My dog is my pet, companion, my friend.

And he will stay by me to the very end.

I love my dog, hope you do too! :)

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Autumn Brown
Autumn Brown

I'm a new author starting here to practice my writing. If you like what you read please share with friends on social media or send a tip if you wish:) Your support is always welcome.Thanks again!

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My Best Friend
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