My Beautiful Valkyrie

"My love flies with black wings through the night..."

My love flies with black wings through the night,

her beauty accented by the moonlight

beaming down on her lips so soft and full.

Lips that match the blood pumping my heart.

Lips that can reanimate the carcass of a lonely heart.

The starlight shines on your fair skin:

skin that the Snuggle Bear would envy.

Her axinite eyes capture every moment I spend with her.

I’m ready for her to take me with her to the heavens.

She embraces me and exclaims her love

and with her kiss I am reborn.

As she carries me to Valhalla,

I look down at the specks of earth

and I realize I’ve always felt my true love would be out of this world.

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My Beautiful Valkyrie
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