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Music With a New Sound

Something to Be Heard on the Wind

Photograph By: Michael Maasen

Angelic melodies handing out timeless waves of inspiration,

Climbing charts of immaculate delicious tenderized sweet fulfilling sounds,

Watching drops of slowly falling perspiration,

While hearts jump out with quickened pounds,

Mixing perplexed moves of joining communications,

Igniting candles of shown dedication,

Awed views of painted sensations,

Naming the gentlest moment of blissful minds elaboration into complete calmed themed dreams,

A mind blowing joyful scream,

Growing as a great many strengthened streams,

All blended into one big team,

Here is where time stands to a still frozen moment in a frame,

Giving fresh ideas with a kick,

Brightening all flames,

A perfect pick,

The starter for all things,

The mixed wires of purity at its best,

The circle to cover all rings,

The place where the mind opens up to rest.

Timed chimes with ringing bells,

Tapping of the drum,

The sound of the water bumping the wells,

Popping of the gum,

Every second passed is a new sound added to the thunders echoing glass,

Creating a new memorizing melody to go with today's time,

Causing all to stare standing in the fresh cut grass,

The last song is the drop of a dime,

Place them all together,

Lighting eyes of all colors,

Forming through all types of weather,

Resting on each persons collar.

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Music With a New Sound
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