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Multiple Personalities

They Control Me

I know you know Crystal but have you met Crissy or Lisa?

They all are nice when they want.

I think you would like Crissy more but she don't like pizza.

She did eat it a few times before but now she just can't

Lisa is more flirty.

Sometimes she even feels attracted to a girl.

When she realizes then she feels guilty.

The thought of sex makes her toes curl.

Crystal is too much of a control freak.

She loves everyone and never stays to herself.

Unlike Crissy she loves to speak.

And Lisa she keeps her heart on a shelf.

I hide them because I am embarrassed.

They take over me without an invitation.

Make me feel like my body has an invasion.

They feel like being in a disaster with no shelter.

I pray for them…her…

I mean me. 

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Multiple Personalities
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