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Mr. Spaceman

"All I ever wanted was to get you in my bed."

All I ever wanted was to get you in my bed.

I'd let you have control take me any way.

But once in awhile all I need, is to sleep in my own bed.

Yet you kept crawling in, you're the man of my dreams.

Getting more perfect everyday.

And all I ever wanted was to get you into my bed.

You loved me, loved me like no one could.

So I let you take control and you gave me what I wanted.

To get you in my bed.

But after all this time all I really wanted was to sleep through the night.

However, you kept crawling into my bed and invading my dreams.

Spaceman, you seem to forget that I am human.

And I just need a little rest before I fall away.

All I ever wanted was to get you in my bed.

You're the spaceman that I never could have ever dreamed of.

You stay awake waiting for me to get tired, then invade my dreams.

I wake up feeling just as tired as when I had fallen asleep.

I am getting what I want, you in my bed, invading my body and taking control of me.

Your fingers are rough, running along my arms and thighs, I love them.

I love you, but never would I admit that to you, the spaceman.

Closing my heart so you cannot read my feelings, I may be the human, but my powers keep you from my heart.

Spaceman, don't forget my mortality, I may have you in my bed but you took my feelings, twisted them, and made me love you.

I am afraid of these feelings, aren't you?

I won't live through this, pulling on my heart strings, slowly opening my heart so I tell you the truth about my feelings.

Mr. Spaceman, come to me in my bed and take me.

I want to cry out for you as you ravish me to death.

Now that I have you in my bed, watch me fall, fall in love with you.

I will never sleep again with you next to me.

R.A. Hudson
R.A. Hudson

I am a university student. In spare time I write what I feel and what I want. I realize I have a lot of work to do with my writing, but hopefully, one-day my writing will be decent enough to actually have an audience.

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Mr. Spaceman
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