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For My Grandmother

She walks through the dimly lit theater

Looking for the perfect spot

To watch the world go dancing past

Romance, comedy, musical, mystery

The rhyme and reason matter not

She just needs to waste the day

Escape the dreary rain outside.

Mystified she watches the film

The loving embrace, the maniac laughter,

The songs are sung, the murder solved

She smiles as she feels them within her

All the memories of her life on the screen

She sang, she danced, she loved, she laughed.

She watches the lovers as their story unfolds

Remembering the time she’d spent on her own

Playful ice cream stops downtown

Sunset walks along the beach

Searching, searching for the perfect shell

Loving each day they shared together.

As the audience laughs at the same tired joke

She thinks of the times by the lake

He’d smile at her and she would just giggle

As if she were still some little school girl

She tried, often failed to return the laugh

But knew that every day they’d have some fun.

The songs quickly swelled to show the great joy

She reflects on her time singing herself

As she sits on the porch with me close nearby

Singing so loudly to each silly tune of Higgins,

Of rain, and of some lass named Dolly

Or maybe she ponders how she used to dance

As she waltz through her kitchen to Cash

Chopping, boiling, mixing, as she twirls.

The mysterious plot is quickly unraveling,

But she only thinks of the books sitting at home

With the same silly plots and the same motives

Books, upon books of the same ideas

Yet she can’t put them down quite yet

For they tell of a place, of a face, of a feeling

She wishes to use to escape the mundane.

When the movie is over she leaves behind

Her empty popcorn tub and ticket stub

But she brings the feelings with her

As she hums to herself and smiles

Knowing she'll always have this feeling

Just her and a movie and the memories.

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