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Mother of All

Meera de Dos

Wisdom Sophia

She comes to me in dreams and visions and at times She comes in person to dance with me,

and bring me comfort and rest bite from my task given me from above.

She teaches me long forgotten truths and shows me the past,

present and future.

At times my path is a lonely one,

and though I feel that loneliness at times right through my Being,

I know in truth I am never alone.

At times She comes to me through those who She sends to me for loving and company,

but when another doubts Her existence even though for years they have been given proof of Her,

then they are removed for their time with me has ended,

and a distraction from my Divine task is never allowed.

For nineteen years now She has been conversing with me along with seven Spirits who also teach me and bring forth many revelations and secrets long forgotten.

Though through those nineteen years I have faced much scorn,

hilarity and at times anger because of what I bring forth from those nineteen years of being taught by the Divine.

From the moment I was awakened nineteen years ago I have not turned from our Heavenly Mothers side,

and as for Her truth,

I trust in Her and it one hundred percent,

though others fail to see Her even when guided to Her place within ancient writings and in all creation.

She comes to me in dreams and visions bringing love,

comfort and joy,

for She is my strength and shield and comforter of my Soul.

Best Wishes


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Mother of All
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