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Mother Africa Wept

"Crowns removed like wisdom 'teef! teef!' she cried in native tongue while son's of her sons sat SATs learning new queen's speak."

the corporate milking of mother africa

Why were we

so quickly swayed by their theory of evolution? 

evolving into famine and starvation for the most fertile nation 

Mother... Africa



we slept


they crept

spewing wet hush lul-la-lies 

like fracking

they dug dig into her purse 

a third world debt.

Nations United to collect said cheques 

due to... 

our collective neglect, an inability to keep it all in check

balance unpaid 

inflated inflation bounced across the graveyard of empires 'til the land of upright men knelt

debts mounting like mountain summits she unwillingly submits her will handing over, hand over hand at their annual summits

continuously giving them due credit

Standing ovation she sits in (miss) in formation thanking with uproar an eruption of hand stinging applause − happy just to live, appreciative of their new laws and their generous outpour of western corporate corruption, an incessant, infectious insect-like bite to neck WHO then inspects encouraging removal of priceless necklace prior to pandemic strike leaving her neck less.

Severed head. Forecast red, 'Severe... reign fall.'

Crowns removed like wisdom 'teef! teef!' she cried in native tongue while son's of her sons sat SATs learning new queen's speak.

Sunset on son's future not so bright after all.

Daily we see the abandonment of our legacy, therefore we shall/should never forget, but still why did we not foresee? 

the colour, the cut, carat and clarity, all Four C's as they manifested their destiny across all seven seas for conquest.

Did we forfeit on purpose? Are we not fit for purpose?

Blind dating destiny as...

Corps. Harvest crops from the blood stained, chestnut brown soil 

of her gold, diamond mineral enriched sun baked oil-ly skin 

depositories they slipped in

empty pores left us poor

in a-sunken-in porous, (un)fully-filled, unduly tilled, bellowing an unholy chorus of 'poor us.' 

Holding hands we hand down these 

stories from Gen X to Gen question mark Y? to Gen Next-in-line to pay off her debt in time

as Gen Zzzzzz sleeps.

'I. M. F'd,' she says; 

her bankable words go unheard 

by most 

her sounds drowned by the latest Afropunk's Afrobeats (un)knowing


DJs play with

ears covered their

ear drums smothered by

never knowingly undersold, over priced headphones unable to hear clear the drum to head home

to mom

as she weeps.


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Mother Africa Wept
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