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How Can Halloween Get Any Better?

So sexy, it's scary

He opened the door to the Historic

New Castle Library. Cold dust just broke

Through the cracks of the old, battered Doric

Order column and drifted just like smoke.

All of the patrons trudged through, with e-books.

Or others floated through amongst the shelves.

They inquired about goblins and spooks.

One sexy lady cavorted with elves.

She wore a costume of a witch which did

Not reveal much but seemed like a good thought.

He strolled past a book cart that had just slid

Into his path by the power of naught.

Then the witch beckoned for him to come to

The basement. The stairs creaked and moaned and squeaked.

What he saw had been seen by very few.

It may have been dim but he still just peeked.

It was a sexy (but tasteful) witch scene.

They all wished him a happy Halloween!

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