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Moonwake trailing along the waves

like the intrinsic desire

rippling in my heart

(Can You feel me?)

Casting wishes into the water

underneath the disappearing stars

(Does Your heart feel the pull of desire

the way the ocean feels the tide?)

I wonder, and wander

lost in love

lost in thoughts of You

(Do your thoughts turn

to me too?)

Your lips brush mine

(Is this all a dream?)

Flowers burst into bloom

and butterflies flutter, forbidden

words slip from my lips

(Forever captured in a


Starfall rising in the ebony

night erupting into a meteor

shower of uninhibited desire

(Every time You call me Your

flower my heart leaps.)

Poetry written on skin in

soft fingertips

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Valentyna Holloway
Valentyna Holloway

Valentyna, wordsmith, poetess, bearer of scribed love. A flâneuse and aesthete, Valentyna is the author of several poetry collections including Forbidden Love Songs, Coffee Laced Thoughts, Valentyne Dreams, and The Ripped Notebook Series.

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