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Moon, Waning

How do you search for the moon🌙

how do you search for the moon

among night-stained trees?

Sirius, Orion, Ursa Major,

the minor key in circles,

the moon by smaller circles

obstructed, the telescope fails;

moon, waning

down in the cool night-time woods

some enjoy the trees, but you find them looming;

the weight of their obstruction traps color

among rasped leaves, twig-stung, darkened

path coming to an end in mossy rock.

how do you eat an orange?

peel back the skin,

slurp its juice,

lick your fingers free of stickiness.

this is why, the forgetting.

a distant tennis ball bounces farther still

from sight, a glint of heart fading faster

than the silver wisps of cirrus-cloud

that drift across your face from time

to time. empty of sweetness, craters

dry and hollow remain visible through even

midnight foliage, ink, and violet sky.

inviolate heaven-sent oranges at least

tinge the cool night breeze with sweet

blooming, skins whole, bodies full

and round with remembering. 

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Moon, Waning
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