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Moon Games

Peekaboo Moon Playing Hiding Games

Misted moon plays peekaboo among the clouds.

Moon Games

Copyright: October 13, 2007

The Harvest moon began its rise in dusk of eves sky;

An orb of soft colored gold, It arose big and bold.

As I made my way homeward it began to play hide "n" seek;

Slipping below a mountain ridge then rising for a peek.

Sliding below a mountain edge, then playing peek a boo;

along a tree-lined ridge. It laughed at me as it

shone above the span of a long covered bridge.

Finally, it sank out of sight behind a darkened knoll;

Until I saw its shining face reflected in a water rill.

Then slowly it arose to hang magnificent in the ink black sky

illuminating with its golden eye; caught in the eye of a doe.

In bejeweled shards of light reflecting back like millions of diamonds

Fallen to the earthen floor below.

Jennine Donier
Jennine Donier

Associate Pastor of Ekklesia Church of God New Covenant Saints,  Mother of 4, grandmother of 19 and great great grandmother of 5.   Writer, photographer, wife, , homemaker. Retired Teacher's Aide.  Entrepreneur, Grief and Marriage Counselor 

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Moon Games
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