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A Poem


Are they Real or are they Fake?

Can I see them in trees

Or maybe I can spot one in a lake

Do they work with you and me 

Can they cook, can they clean?

Questions that used to fill my younger mind

you see.

Growing up

I did find, that monsters do exist

But don't look under your bed

You see they're smarter than this.

Some crawl into your head

Make you have really bad nightmares

Whisper things into your brain

Ideas you would never come up with.

Some monsters hide in the shadows

Waiting for you to be down

So they can turn your whole life around

Some wait until its really dark

So when they strike, they hit their mark.

Not often enough, You will find

Some monsters that are really kind

Don't be fooled by their outward appearance

Or their sometimes sudden disappearance

Some are scared of other monsters

that's why they sometimes hide from us

But let's not lose Focus

Others roam the streets like you and me

Some can be seen flying high in the sky

Working in banks and fixing machines

Blending into society, Looking exactly like you and me

Now isn't that scary?

Never mind, though, my gibberish and rhymes

I am sure you will see for yourself in time

That monsters are as real as day and night

No matter where you go 

I am sure you can find

the monster that resides 


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