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Money Tree

The Peruvian Way

All photos featured on each poem are my own. (Instagram @ninaspassport)

the persuasive pitch

the salesman of their own creations and crafts

 paintings and sketches were of the great incas

 woolen miniature souvenirs and jewelries handmade

"for 10 soles each"

words that came out of the local

the dancers of their own city

their body and soul flowing with the rhythm of the band

swaying into the incan universe

"come join us, for 5 soles each"

words that came out of the local

so tell me how you generate your income?

brag to me about how fortunate you are

tell me how alive you are

are you as alive as these locals?

—Practice Gratitude

(Plaza De Armas, Cusco, Peru)

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Money Tree
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