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Money and Power

Slam Poetry

Money. Power.

The people that lead us, the people that teach us, have no clue either.

They tell us yes, they tell us no, but what the fuck do they show?

We are lured into their power, brought up with their ways- whose choice was it, to make us obey?

Made to ‘enjoy’ our modern lifestyle that is provided, I am one, you are one, we are robots, surrounded.

What are we?

Brainwashed that people have the slightest idea, ignorance is bliss.

The un-doubtable downfall caused by the ‘knowing’, caused by those who are meant to give hope to society- is my fear.

Who knew that the answer was paper from our trees, like a game of malicious monopoly, this worthless currency- makes humanity, fall to their knees.

We travel in circles, we follow the guide.

This. Is. No. Life.

The gold, at the end of the rainbow, is at the miners’ expense.

All here to serve those above, humanity hasn’t proved better, just proved better at covering shit up.

They have the money, they can roam. We are stuck.

They have the power, we live by the hour.

Forced to worry about the pound more than yourself, no wonder…mental health.

It should be fair, shared as equal.

But there is no such thing, as ‘free people’.

The world we live in is a controlled place, our human race cannot make space: “JUST IN CASE!”

We cannot make space for dying, lonely, hungry, sad.

But we can accept the ideas that are a complete

And we fall for that?

We fall for oppression.

We fall for hate.

The real question is: When will we realise our fate?

We are all destructive, corrupted, eruptive: It’s just a matter of time.

Natalie Simmons
Natalie Simmons

I am Natalie Simmons.  I am 18, studying acting, and I spend some of my time writing monologues and slam poems. I have been wanting to post my writing online to see the response I get.  So here goes- 

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Money and Power
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