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A Poem Written Just Like Eminem Sings

Hey Momma

I wish you would’ve told me

How hard this life was gonna be

Maybe even showed me

Them battle scars of life ma

The stretch marks

The bloody scars

The shards of your broken heart

How you kept from falling apart

Tough momma

I know this life is brutal

I’m learning fighting is futile

But, I’ll save that for my funeral

I look up to you Ma

You taught me how to be strong

How to live long after you’ve gone

I know exactly to whom I belong

So here’s to you Ma,

For always being here

For wiping away my tears,

Three loud ass cheers

Now we know or life hasn't been perfect

But shit mom it's been worth it.

Sure sometimes I feel worthless

But you always try to pull me through that

Momma. I'm sorry.

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