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Mob Mentality

Street Famous

Drown out their sound

The exploited ghettos

Are taking the blame

For everything

We're made to win

It's in our bloodshed

When will the tipping point

Return Again?

When the street had the power

It was our voice getting louder

And our fists in the air

They saw this

And got scared

Arrested and arraigned

Our entire game

Very few chosen

Survived the campaign

The war on drugs

Is the plug

Money laundering police

Rake the cash in

Steal from the very streets

They swore to protect

Behind the scenes

Are their criminal sprees

We live life in a cage

Under their radar

Mob mentality

Isn't a disease

It's a program to free us

Instability in the streets

Will cause an uprise

Will get us on our feet

Will uncover the lies

Deaf men can see

Blind men can hear

It's exactly what the police fear

When we finally stand

And once again

Raise our fist in the air

Built to destroy their entire order

Our voices flood the streets

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Mob Mentality
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